WORKED – My buddies taped noodles to the ground verticaly. Then they taped strings to the ground and we taped the strings to the noodle tower and added another noodle tower to the top. Then we added a marshmellow to the top and it leaned but it didn’t hit the ground.

DIDN’T WORK – When we made a skinny noodle tower,  we taped the skinny noodle tower to the ground. Then we added 1 more skinny noodle to the top of our tower then put the marshmellow on the top of our skinny tower and it……CRASH!  It fell off the the table and broke. Luckly we did it after the one that worked.


Yellowstone_ElkTule Elk live in continents that are North America and Asia. Tule Elk live in a few countries that are Western Canada and the U.S.A. Tule Elk live in four habitats that are forest,meadows,valleys, and mountains. They live in tall grass.They live in the Prairie (Temperate Grasslands).

Elks make a sound like loud yawns. They protect himself with their antlers until mating season. My animal is a herbivore. Tule Elk eat 20,000 leaves a day and eat stems,grass,herbs,mushrooms,and acorns. Sometimes they stick their heads in a pond and eat the grass.

 A bulls antlers are 4 ft tall. They lose their antlers in March,but grow back  in May. Females give birth on high mountains with graze grounds. A female has a single calf. A calf starts to walk when it is 20 minutes old. Bull elk  with bigger antlers always wins and mates more females. Elk can’t go against other elk with bigger antlers. Hope you enjoyed. If you want to get some imformation click on this link and it will give you some imformation Elk. BIE

Temperate Grassland

Animals and plants both work together to survive in biomes all over the Earth.Biomes are lands with living and nonliving things.The Prairie is located at Asia, South America, Europe, North America and Africa.If you want to know what to pack, these are some ideas.There is 10-20 inches of rain a year.There will be dust storms. Fire is not foreign in the Prairie. If you want to know about the Prairies (Temperate Grasslands) soil,it is dark and moist.The soil is rich.The Prairies soil contains about twice as much soil as the forest biomes,many things grow there.

The Prairies plants are interesting.New grass grows after a fire.The roots store nutrients to help the plant survive.When there is a fire roots don’t get burned.Dead grass becomes a new layer of soil.The plants are usually bigger than one foot.The fire can’t burn the grass that easy because of the shrubs and buds under ground. The animals of the prairies survive by a few main features.They have fur that is short enough for protection but not too hot. Flat teeth help them eat grass. These sharp teeth help tear up their prey. For example, the lions sharp teeth help tear up the zebra.These animals structures and behaviors help them survive.All the plants and animals help each other survive. Click this link for imformation about the Temperate Grasslands (scroll down till it say Temperate Grasslands)  Temperate Grasslands.

A grassland in the Philippines

The Stuff On The Plane

Once there was a kid on a plane to go on a vacation. He set his backpack and a water bottle next to him with a stuffed animal on the backpack. The kid was so excited for the plane to stop. When the plane stopped he ran out of the plane without taking his stuff. So there was his stuff on the seat in the plane being took back to his country. Can you write a story and then leaving a comment that you wrotea story for I can come visit and comentent on your story.











Starting today, I am doing daily post about minecraft.

Today I am going to talk about skeletons. Skeletons can die by lava, day time, fire, potion of healing and harming, and you. Skeletons have a rare chance of dropping a bow/enchanted bow if you kill it with a bow 15 blocks away. Always lead a skeleton out from under a tree to burn it in day light. Never drop a sword or armor because they can pick it up and they can fight with it and wear the armor and they might kill you,so never do that. There are three types of skeletons,one I cant tell you cause I am going to talk about it later That’s all I can tell you about skeletons today. Visit my blog tomorrow to learn about creepers at Teosblog.edublogs.org2287-minecraft-minecraft-skeleton