100 word challenge

So I did a challenge called the 100 word challenge and you have to write a story with exactly 100 words. Also there is the 5 word challenge and the 5 sentence challenge and instead of doing one I did all 3.  Here is the link to the page and my story is below.(https://100wc.net/)

  It was a beautiful day with five fisherman fishing in a lake next to a big forest, and a mauve looking sunset. Later that day a storm hit and it flooded the lake and all the boats were being pushed into the forest. It ran over a carrot garden, moles dug deeper under the dirt and the fisherman were very tearful. After the storm was over the boats were trapped in the middle of the forest and the fisherman didn’t parish. A few years later the steel on the boats rusted and no one ever fished on that lake again.

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