All About Me

Hi! My name is Mateo. 

I like playing outside on weekends.

I like eating lots of food. I run a lot so I don’t get fat. My favorite top 11 foods are tacos, pizza, cheese and slamy , cucumber, soup, steak, mango, spaghetti, apples, and peaches.

I have 2 sister and 2 brothers. There names are Morgan and Leandra and Pablo and Jordan. I have 1 dog , 1 cats.

If I am on vacation I’m at Mexico or Battle creak or Gold Bluff Beach or camping.

My favorite Holiday is Christmas because you get a lot of new things and there’s going to be PRESENTS!

My favorite color is green. I like it because green goes with everything.

So,what is your favorite food? Vacation? Holiday? Color? How many siblings do you have? Pets?


4 thoughts on “All About Me

  1. Hi Mateo
    I am your blogging challenge mentor from Victoria Australia. Students that I teach are doing the blogging challenge too.
    You have written a really good “All About Me” post. You could delete the Sample Page now because you don’t need it anymore.
    Your blog is coming along nicely so keep up the good work and keep on blogging!

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