Woosh Woosh. The sound of a calm Pacific Ocean.. Five people were sailing on the ocean. Parting, playing pool, and fishing. All of a sudden, Du nu, du nu, du nu, du nu. Splash. However yellow Jaws comes and eats them except for that one dude fishing that was discovering remarkable, gingerly fish. The fishing guy told the coast men that a gigantic shark (Jaws) ate all my friends and the front of my ship. So the coast men closed the beach and told him he will kill that shark for they can reopen the beach and revenge his friend’s.

100 word challenge

So I did a challenge called the 100 word challenge and you have to write a story with exactly 100 words. Also there is the 5 word challenge and the 5 sentence challenge and instead of doing one I did all 3.  Here is the link to the page and my story is below.(https://100wc.net/)

  It was a beautiful day with five fisherman fishing in a lake next to a big forest, and a mauve looking sunset. Later that day a storm hit and it flooded the lake and all the boats were being pushed into the forest. It ran over a carrot garden, moles dug deeper under the dirt and the fisherman were very tearful. After the storm was over the boats were trapped in the middle of the forest and the fisherman didn’t parish. A few years later the steel on the boats rusted and no one ever fished on that lake again.

Our Community

In my school we all have a part. There’s the president and vice president and there are just the normal students. In my class we also all have a part. We have jobs and we are a community because we look out for each other and there are like the leaders in our class. So our school and my class are just like our town community like the leaders are the police and the average students are normal citizens and how there are jobs outside the school like Starbucks or Walmart. That’s how my school community is like our towns community.


I was looking on blogs and I found this really cool game that you make. Its called zoom. You wright a story about this picture that leads to a different ending. For example: There’s a picture of a dog looking at a bug so I would say that he was messing with the bug so it grew and ate the dog then took over the world and superman came and killed it than he moved to Alaska to live with his family. Before you start read these.

  • Choose an image and make sure its licensed and attributed, also that it has a good starting point and can make it move outwards to see more of the story.
  • Then you have to read previous comments and carry that story line.
  • Make sure you tag your post so its searchable.

Now that you know how to play, start a story or continue one about this picture of an ant in the comment section..

Picture of ANT

The Cortex’s

The cerebral cortex is divided into four sections called the lobes. They’re the frontal lobe, parietal lobe, occipital lobe, and temporal lobe.  The motor cortex is located in the back of the frontal lobe. It is used to move our body. The top of the cortex controls the bottom of our body and the bottom of the cortex controls the top of our body. The sensory cortex is located at the front of our parietal lobe and is used for touch feeling. Every time you touch something,  sensory neurons send information to the thalamus. Then it is sent to the sensory cortex so we can feel it. The visual cortex is located at the occipital lobe. It helps us interpret the information sent to us by our eyes. Our auditory cortex is located in our temporal lobe above our ears and it controls our hearing. That’s all the cortex’s. Hope you give me more challenges about our brain. Thanks for the challenge Pablo.

About Me

I am Mateo and I really love the outdoors. I have 6 chicks and 2 ducklings. I am 11 and I live out in the country. In the spring, me and my brother go catch baby bluegill and trout and tadpoles in my creek. That is a little bit about me and I hope you enjoy my blog.

The Truth About Your Brain

Do you know how your brain works? It functions by brain cells. You can train a dog or a dolphin but did you know you could TRAIN YOUR BRAIN ! Scientist discovered that you train your brain like a muscle. By going to the gym and working out and trying new things is making your brain grow. Also, if you want to keep your brain healthy eat healthy food and always be doing something except for when you’re sleeping. Well you could sleep walk. If you want to know more, click on my slide show down below.