WORKED – My buddies taped noodles to the ground verticaly. Then they taped strings to the ground and we taped the strings to the noodle tower and added another noodle tower to the top. Then we added a marshmellow to the top and it leaned but it didn’t hit the ground.

DIDN’T WORK – When we made a skinny noodle tower,  we taped the skinny noodle tower to the ground. Then we added 1 more skinny noodle to the top of our tower then put the marshmellow on the top of our skinny tower and it……CRASH!  It fell off the the table and broke. Luckly we did it after the one that worked.


  1. Awesome job describing how your put together your noodle tower, it helped me visualize it.

    Also, I really like your persistence and creative thinking when it came to finding a way to make this challenge work!


  2. Hi Mateo,
    I thought that that was a very creative challenge. Why did you come up with this challenge? I thought that it was a really good idea. It looks like it was really fun to do. I like the way that you called it a Marshmallow challenge.


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