Killing Endangered Animals

Did you know there is only around 200 white tigers in the world. Nearly all of them are dieing because of poachers wanting their  rare fur People need to stop killing endangered animals.

    People need to stop killing endangered animals because the animals will go die out. Animals extinct means no armery for soldiers to fight in war. Also there is less living things to keep the world beautiful.Also there is no manure to help the plants grow.


    If animals keep on dying then that means no health supplies. Which means no more delicious and juicy meat. Also no warm and fuzzy blanks to keep sick kids warm. Also no nutrients to keep us healthy.


    If animals keep on dying then thankful animals are going to be gone and places are going to close. Tigers help us kill all the deer, but if all tigers disappear then the deer population would spread so much that deer will take over the world. Just kidding about the take over the world part. Also lots of zoos will close. Last, there will be no animals to protect nature, so there will be no nature and the world wouldn’t look beautiful any more.

So if people don’t stop killing endangered animals then all that I just told you will happen!