If I Was A Candy

L-43677sugarcandycornfaces  If I were a piece of candy,

I would taste mad good like chocolate.

I would be full of sugar.

I would like to give kids cavities.

I’d want to spread a sugar disease.

I would be passed out on Halloween.

I would wish to be the biggest candy and have the most sugar ever.

I would love lots of sugar!

I would listen for a sugar factory.

I would get eaten. Then I will come back to life!

Digital Footprint

Man Friday

If you went on a site before then you created a digital footprint. When you make a digital footprint, it can’t be deleted. If you delete it people can still look at your website you went on (even strangers).

When people look at what you went on they can see who you are and they might try to track you down. They can even see what you post and write.

People just have to google you and it will let them see what you do. Never post anything that you don’t want strangers to see. It will also show them stuff like your facebook or your twitter or anything you have.

Have you found a good video about digital footprints?  If so, please share the link in the comments and tell why you like it.

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Alan via Compfight

O.R.E.O Awesomeness

DSC_0272My class and I celebrated Oreo Day. The first thing we did was oreo stacking.When I did the Oreo stacking, I stacked 16 my first time,then I stacked 22 my 2nd time ( it’s not as easy as it sounds). If they fall then there’s no restarts.

After we finished stacking the Oreo’s we made Oreo sculptures. When I made my oreo sculptures, I didn’t like mine, so I looked at the oreo and I flipped it and push the top of the oreo and I made a white oreo top.DSC_0375

At 2:00, my class went to the kinder buddies and we help them do some oreo stacking. My buddy stacked 12 the 1st time and he stacked 18 the 2nd time. Some one in my class had a buddy that stacked 26 Oreo’s. My buddy stacked 20 the 3rd time which didn’t count.

Have you ever made an Oreo sculpture before?  Have you ever stacked Oreos?  You should try and record you results in the comments below.  Looking forward to hearing from you!