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In my school we all have a part. There’s the president and vice president and there are just the normal students. In my class we also all have a part. We have jobs and we are a community because we look out for each other and there are like the leaders in our class. So our school and my class are just like our town community like the leaders are the police and the average students are normal citizens and how there are jobs outside the school like Starbucks or Walmart. That’s how my school community is like our towns community.

3 thoughts on “Our Community

  1. Hi Mateo!
    I think that your school community is really cool!
    I wished my school’s community was like that, I really liked the way that you compared your school’s community to a town community, like you said that the leaders (President and Vice) are like the police and the normal students are the citizens and that you look out for each other. Do you have elections to see who is going to be president and the vice president?
    From Your Supporter,

  2. Hi Mateo,
    I thought that your post about your schools community is inspiring to show that everyone has a part, and big or small, they all have importance. It made me think about my school, and how we are also like a community, but we never realize it like that. From now on, the things that I do, in my community, not just at school, but at home and with my friends, I will take in to account that I am making these decision as part of a community. Were your thoughts about how your school is like a community from something you saw, got inspired by, or was it just something that you realized?
    Have a nice day,

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