The Truth About Your Brain

Do you know how your brain works? It functions by brain cells. You can train a dog or a dolphin but did you know you could TRAIN YOUR BRAIN ! Scientist discovered that you train your brain like a muscle. By going to the gym and working out and trying new things is making your brain grow. Also, if you want to keep your brain healthy eat healthy food and always be doing something except for when you’re sleeping. Well you could sleep walk. If you want to know more, click on my slide show down below.


Today I just made it to 100% for my AR goal!  If I make 100% next trimester I will get a award for making 100% on all the trimesters.



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Favorite Author

You guys should really start reading books by Doug TenNapel. His books are so great that I already read Cardboard, BadIsland, and Nnewts. Now I am going to read Nnewts the second books. Hope you guys read his books and I will post another author post later.