Today I just made it to 100% for my AR goal!  If I make 100% next trimester I will get a award for making 100% on all the trimesters.



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Favorite Author

You guys should really start reading books by Doug TenNapel. His books are so great that I already read Cardboard, BadIsland, and Nnewts. Now I am going to read Nnewts the second books. Hope you guys read his books and I will post another author post later.


12651-03Yesterday my class and I went on a field trip to MakerSpace. I learned how to use a sandbox at our field trip. A sandbox is a tiny, rectangular electronic device. We cut a water bottle in half then we colored the inside of the bottem piece of the bottle then we cut two lines,one third of the bottle deep,  parrell all the way around the bottle. Then we got a heating element which could burn you if you put you hand in front of it and put the flower in front of it and it made pettles. Then at the end we went into a stuido. That is what we did on the field trip and if you like the sound of this you should ask your teacher if you guys can go. Have you ever used a sandbox?