6 thoughts on “THE PAIN

  1. Hi Mateo,
    You are a amazing writer! Im so happy I found this post! First off, did you ever go to the hospital? I’m asking this because I have a conneciton of what happend to you! Also I look forward to talking to talking to you! You’re a savage if you didn’t go the hospital! That sound like a very intresting story i’d like to hear more!
    My blog is http://seanshapi3003.blogspot.com/
    Hope to hear from you,

  2. This story sounds really messy and painful but if it makes you feel better my little brother once through a rock at my older brother and it hit his head it and it cracked right open.

  3. Dear Mateo,

    This is a very interesting story! How sharp was the rock? How big was the rock? How dark was it when this happened? Hopefully this will never happen again to anybody.


  4. Dear Mateo,
    I was reading your story about your arm and I hope you’re okay. I think your blog post is really interesting. You add so much detail in your writing and it makes your writing come to life. When I read this I felt like I was really there
    Do you like writing?

    from ,

  5. Dear Mateo,
    I thought that this story was very interesting and I am very glad your arm healed and nothing very severe or even permanent happened.


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